The Power Behind Your Logistics

Welcome to KCE Logistics Inc. We have been simplifying logistics solutions for your business since 1998.  The range of logisitcs chains we use is customized for your business shipping needs through a combination of Air, Ocean, Truck, and Rail logistics solutions. These can vary from simple transport or storage to complex shipments overseas. KCE is the power behind globally integrated “end – to – end” logistics solutions that are always customized to meet specific customer requirements.


Your company will benefit from our well-trained team whose experience and work in delivering solutions for your supply chain is second to none. We have a strategic network around the world offering the optimal logistics modalities for almost all continents: North and South America, Europe, Asia, and import leads inside U.S.

Every new logistics customer and shipping solution adds to the wealth of our experience and credibility! The team at KCE is ready to apply our passion for logistics solutions to support your business. Contact us today!